Sunday, December 13, 2009

Qt4/OpenGL: Pose Editor

Last week I've published an automated "Puppet Animation" to show how Skeletal Animation and OpenGL works. Today, I've made something more to help you in the Animation Design Process.

The Qt code is really simple, it was just an UI with some slider connected to the Model Bones Matrix to performs Rotations and Translations and a QGLWidget that displays the OpenGL that you've already seen in the last post. I've also added a Useful ListWidget to display textures that are loaded by the model.

To get some cool models you can start by checking Blender's Open Projects that allows you to download models from Elephants Dream (see the screenshot above), Big Buck Bunny or Yo Frankie!. I'm still working on a better way to export Bones from Blender, If you've already tried and want to share some information, give me a mail! (thanks).

For this example, I've made a Big Package that contains the OpenGL engine that allows you to load and drows models and the Qt4 Pose Editor Tool that you can easily find in tools/ folder. The Source code is available here: Qt4/OpenGL Pose Editor Source Code.


  1. Hello Matteo,

    Nice work as usual. I've been trying to test your package and i still wonder what type of mesh your pose editor allows to load.

    An export of proog or emo into an obj file does not seem to be the right way to do so.

    Also, here is a patch to get your pose editor compile on mac out of the box:

    unix:!mac:LIBS += -L../../ -lgdengine -lglut
    mac:LIBS += -L../../ -lgdengine -framework GLUT


  2. Hi Julien, Thanks for the Mac Fix.
    The Obj file is not supported yet... There's only an Internal GDT format... check the source code in engine/models/private/gdt-reader.c to the GDT parser.
    I'm working on a blender exported... but I need to understand more about blender bones format.

  3. Hi Matteo,

    Great job, but I was wondering how did you exported the Model with bones to your Pose Editor ? Or did you exported only the Mesh ??? I was search your source, but didn't found a blender export script anyway ?!

    Would love to hear an answer from you !

    Regards, Xident

  4. There's a script that exports vertices and indices from Blender. But at the moment, bones are written by hand.

  5. Hi,

    i think the Pose Editor is a nice thing, but i can't download it. The link is broken can you correct it?

    Thank you!

  6. checkout the github
    the pose editor is this one