Sunday, April 18, 2010

Qt Animation Framework Example

Today I've finally written my first example with the Qt Animation Framework (Qt 4.6).

The animation framework aims to provide an easy way for creating animated and smooth GUI's. By animating Qt properties, the framework provides great freedom for animating widgets and other QObjects.

The examples is really simple, few lines of code. And the Qt Animation Framework does all the magic under the hood. Just assign the Start and the End Value for the specified property and the interpolator does the rest.

YouTube video is available here: Qt Animation Example Video and you can find the Source Code here: Example Source Code.


  1. Nice animation.
    You save my days :)

  2. awesome !!!
    nice entry in an nice blog

  3. The link of source code had died. I would like to learn your code. Do you share for me ?

  4. Take a look at github