Friday, August 13, 2010

Self Contained C Data Structures and Utils Repository

I've rewritten a couple of data structure and utils (C lang) that I use for my RaleighFS Project, and I've released it at github under BSD License.

At the moment there are some data structures and helper functions:
  • Memory Pool - Simple Memory Allocator.
  • Memory Utils - memcpy(), memset(), memcmp(), memswap() with some variants.
  • Memory Block - copy-on-write block.
  • Hashed Containers: Hashtable, Set, Bag.
  • Queue - FIFO/Circular Queue.
  • Cache - LRU/MRU Cache.
  • WorkQueue - Lightweight pthread workqueue.
  • Sort/Merge functions.

Every "object" is self contained, you can grab the "hashtable.c/hashtable.h" file to be ready to use the hashtable, no other dependence is required. And if data structure require a malloc() you can specify your own allocator during object initialization.

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