Saturday, January 8, 2011

[TIP] Daily Repository Diff via Mail

If your 200 mail every morning are still not enough, you can add this script to your daily cron.

The following scripts that you can find here, allows you to send diffs of repositories that you follow. The  bash scripts below allows you to update your git/svn/hg repository and keep a diff in a plain and html format (using ansi2html).

git_diff() {
    cd $repo_url/$1

    git_repo_url=`git remote show origin | grep "Fetch URL" | cut -d ' ' -f 5-`
    echo "GIT Diff $1 ($2) - $git_repo_url"

    git fetch
    git diff --color HEAD origin/HEAD | $ansi2html > $diff_dir/$2.html
    git diff HEAD origin/HEAD > $diff_dir/$2.diff
    git merge origin/HEAD

hg_diff() {
    cd $repo_url/$1

    hg_repo_url=`hg showconfig | grep paths\.default | cut -d '=' -f 2-`
    echo "HG Diff $1 ($2) - $hg_repo_url"

    hg incoming --patch --git | $ansi2html > $diff_dir/$2.html
    hg incoming --patch --git  > $diff_dir/$2.diff
    hg pull -u

svn_diff() {
    cd $repo_url/$1

    svn_repo_url=`svn info | grep URL | cut -d ' ' -f 2-`
    svn_repo_rev=`svn info | grep "Last Changed Rev" | cut -d ' ' -f 4-`
    echo "SVN Diff $1 ($2) - $svn_repo_url"

    svn di $svn_repo_url -r$svn_repo_rev | $ansi2html > $diff_dir/$2.html
    svn di $svn_repo_url -r$svn_repo_rev > $diff_dir/$2.diff
    svn up

# Fetch my repos (xxx_diff repo_path diff_name)
git_diff "linux/linux-2.6" "linux-2.6"
svn_diff "apache/lucene" "lucene"
hg_diff "java/jdk" "hotspot-jdk7"

After running repo-diff script that allows you to update your favorites repositories and saving diff files, you can send them using he send-mail script.


for html_file in `ls -1 $diff_dir/*.html` ; do
    repo_name=`basename $html_file | sed 's/\.html$//g'`
    diff_file=`echo $html_file | sed 's/\.html$/\.diff/g'`

    boundary="==`echo $repo_name | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f -1`"
    alt_boundary="==`echo $boundary | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f -1`"

    echo "Send Repo Diff $repo_name - $html_file"
        echo "MIME-Version: 1.0"
        echo "Subject: Repo-Diff: $repo_name"
        echo "To: $mail_address"
        echo "Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=$boundary"

        echo "--$boundary"
        echo "Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=$alt_boundary"

        echo "--$alt_boundary"
        echo "Content-Type: text/plain"
        cat $diff_file

        echo "--$alt_boundary"
        echo "Content-Type: text/html"
        cat $html_file

        echo "--$alt_boundary--"
        echo "--$boundary"
        echo "Content-Type: Application/Binary_Attachment; 
                            name=\"`basename $diff_file`\""
        echo "Content-Disposition: attachment; 
                                   filename=\"`basename $diff_file`\""
        echo "Content-Transfer-Encoding: uuencode"
        uuencode $diff_file $diff_file
    ) | sendmail $mail_address

This script, for each file generated from the repo-diff script sends you a mail with the diff as body and attachment.

Scripts are available on my github repository under blog-code/repo-mail-diff.

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