Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moved to Stockholm & Back to Music and Data!

A couple of weeks ago I've started my new job at Spotify AB (Stockholm, Sweden).

The last two years at Develer (Florence, Italy) were fantastic, great environment, great people, great conferences PyCon4, Euro Python, QtDay, and I've to thank especially Giovanni Bajo, Lorenzo Mancini, Simone Roselli and Francesco Pallanti (AriaZero), and many more, for all the support in these two years. Thanks again guys!

...but now I'm here, new company, new country, new language (funny language) and new challenges.

Stockholm is beautiful and is not that cold as I had imagined, (even with -18 degrees celsius), but I'm still don't able to find good biscuits, how can you live without biscuits?

Since my new job is more about networking & data, new blog post will be slightly different, from the previous ones... less ui oriented and more data & statistic oriented.

Keep a look at interesting meetup in stockholm, I will be there. (Next one is Python Stockholm).

...And don't forget to use Spotify (Love, Discover, Share Music)!

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