Sunday, March 22, 2009

OpenMoko: My Phone, Video Preview

We're gonna show you some of future plans. Before that, let me remind you of where we're at with the iPhone. (Greg Joswiak, March 2009 Apple Event)

Ok, the iPhone 3.0 is here (ok, still beta). There're some great features like the Push Notification Service, P2P networking capabilities, Hardware Access and so on... but for us? poor Linux developers?

Previously showed in this post OpenMoko "My iPhone", I'm working to make my Neo Freerunner similar to the iPhone. Yesterday I've switched to QtEmbedded 4.5 for Applications that doesn't require media or phone content, unfortunatly QtEmbedded doesn't have Phonon support.

Till now (Just 3 'days' of development), I've implemented some of the Touch Screen gesture, like sweep, scroll, double tap, zoom, rotation... and others nice features with the accelerometer like Shake and Screen orientation, Normal or Landscape automatically enabled without writing a line of code.

Now there's one more thing I want to show you, a video preview of my OpenMoko.

One more thing "Freerunner freely runs Gentoo", Gentoo Team have reached the first milestone for running Gentoo on the Freerunner.

I'm still an Apple iPhone Fan, but developing OpenMoko with Qt is fantastic! Thanks Trolls!


  1. is there a source code available somewhere? I am especially interested in the approach you've chosen for gestures.

  2. For now, Code will be sended by mail to the requester.
    When there's something really usable, I'll release it.
    This is just a prototype.

  3. Cool. Really a good job there!

    I just hope you'll release it soon ;)

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