Sunday, March 15, 2009

OpenMoko: My "iPhone"

No Code Post Yesterday, No Code Post Today.

But for those that doesn't follow my Tweets, Yesterday I've updated the Cocoa SQLite Wrapper to support the NULL value.

I had in plan to post an Example of "Qt Animation", Moving Objects along a path, something like CoverFlow or other Effects. But my Moko needs to be more usable, and needs an iPhone like UI.


  1. hi,
    i'm just curious wat version of qtextended u have flashed on the neo..
    how u got those applications ??


  2. I've a snapshot of 4.4.3
    I'm rewriting all the application, and all the GUI of the phone, to support Accelerometer and have a better usability.
    All the sources will be released when will be ready.

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  4. Hi Matheo!

    Nice work, shot and video about your openmoko phone. I am looking forward to see any news about your concept... is it possible to test something of your work?

    By the way, I remember I read and entry in your blog time ago in which you offered to share your work and start a proyect to open to the comunity... but now there is not the entry. Did you regret?

    Best regards and congratulations...

  5. Hi, I really don't have time to play with OpenMoko. It's a really great product and I like it so much, but in the next months I prefer spend my time on different things (Cloud FileSystem, and Low Level Code).
    The Entry that you mean was removed because after a couple of weeks, no one was interested in the project. So for the next months, maybe, you've to considered the "Moko Touch" a dead project.

  6. Oh, these are really bad news. I'm sure that many people consider your work great! (the video is impressive) and it's a pity to hear that none kept in touch. Many people in the spanish community saw the video and got impressed but in the end the actions are the real important.

    I would like to help and contribute to the project but my knowledge of Qt is nothing and don't know where to start working on. At the end I hope the project would begin and become a running train easy to get into...

    There is another project similar to yours:

    I talked with the author about your project but when I mentioned it the entry about collaboration wasn't there, but he saw your video and your shots and found it interesting...

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to see both conceps work together? less effort, more contribution and feeding back...

    It's a pity if you give up but anyway, thanks for your quick answer. I understand your point of view...


  7. Any progress on moko ? love what I saw in the video.

  8. I'm working on other projects, but you can find the development framework here

  9. Tnx.. I'll look around

    Cheers !!